Parkland Premium Club

Founded in 2008, Parkland Premium Club endeavours to create for its members a quality and worry-free life-style by sharing their household chores and providing diversified and one-stop value-added services.

Scope of Services:
  • Cleansing and Pest Control Services
    Professional cleansing and pest control services.
  • Repair and Maintenance
    Our strong technical team provides one-stop quality repair and maintenance services for fire control, air-conditioners, lifts and elevators, closed-circuit televisions, pump systems, etc.
  • Exclusive Shopping Channel
    With a list of reliable suppliers we provide our members with a diversified shopping channel with exclusive shopping discounts.
Performance Pledges

To provide a hassle-free living and working environment to clients.


Parkland Premium Club prides itself on its client-centred, service-oriented and sincere attitude. Through regular surveys and meetings, feedbacks from residents, owners and owners’ corporations are gathered and reviewed to improve our services. Understanding and cooperation between the Parkland team and its clients is encouraged to sustain a harmonious living and working environment.